At teddy, we all have firsthand experience with the drama of trying to pick out a gift for an impossibly tricky, lady recipient.  There are so many factors that can make gifting a difficult task: What if it doesn't fit her?  What if it's not her taste? What if she's allergic to chocolate - or worse - CHEER!?  That's why the teddy elves have scoured our merch to bring you six foolproof ideas.  We truly believe there is something here for every gal in your life.  Plus, we've skipped the overt holiday gear to ensure that even the scrooge on your list comes away happy...all for under $50!!

We've got you covered with a starry bobble ring for your cool aunt (the back of the ring is elastic and fits all sizes!), hammered gold rectangle earrings (with mass-appeal) for your mother-in-law, fingerless gloves for your ever-texting little sis, a subtle green quartz necklace for your elegant mom, festive, sophisticated gloves for your boss, and a cutesy plum owl clutch for...YOURSELF (hey, you're gonna need something to carry all of these weighty accessories in)!

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