Admittedly, February is not one of our favorite months here at Teddy. The days are cold, dreary, and it still gets dark way too early. Although it's a short month, it still somehow manages to feel never-ending. While it's easy to let the weather get you down, it's important to remain in high spirits. If the forecast won't cooperate and bring some brightness into your day, why not do it yourself? While an all-black ensemble seems to be a winter uniform for many people (especially here in NYC), why not break away from the grain and add some tropical colors into your daily color palette? If a neon yellow turtleneck isn't your thing, don't fret; you can easily add color without stepping completely out of your comfort zone. If your favorite cozy sweater is navy blue, toss on a chunky turquoise necklace to add a splash of color. If you reside in the corporate world of black dresses and blazers, add a bright purple handbag to the mix. With bright accessories, the possibilities are endless. 


Makeup is another simple way to add some color to your life. Keep your eyes and cheeks simple (one swipe of mascara and a bit of illuminator) but go for a bright, bold lip (we love OCC Lip Tars). If cheekbones are your thing, highlight them instead with a fun, pigmented blush (try NARS Mata Hari, a color that works with just about every complexion). If you ever need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest for makeup tips, tricks, and product recommendations. The picture of the girl above was found on Pinterest and is a great example of how a bright lip can make even crazy messy hair and a plain sweater look chic and fun.


As always, keep your eye on our New Arrivals section and continue to check out things in stores as well. In the coming weeks, even more new jewelry, clutches, and tops will make an appearance. It may not be Spring yet, but if you keep looking ahead, staying positive, and having fun with fashion, the warm weather will be here before you know it!